Thursday, April 20, 2006

Diaper Bag

Today I received the diaper bag that I ordered a few days ago. I had a gift card to pay for it but for some reason I put it off. I suppose I was dealing with the fear of ordering something for her that I couldn't return. I've read lots of great reviews on this bag so I decided that it was the one that I wanted so I finally bit the bullet and placed the order. It is red with black letters that spell Chani. It is smaller than I thought it would be but it's still a great size. It has a light blue interior that makes it easy to find things that fall inside. It has so many pockets that I don't know what goes where. I did find a list online of what should be included in a diaper bag so I'll use that when I actually need it.
Here is the link to the bag.,,1_2_678_67500_120488_98935_5:view=-1,00.html?sid=4442135255915108920&CM_MERCH=SRCH

Kind of looks like her school bag?! I told Matt we would be all set for that many years down the road.

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