Saturday, December 30, 2006

13 Months

So today's No 13. How high will that number get to? Will it go to 15? Perhaps 18? Possibly 24? Who knows? So much has changed in my life yet I'm still childless. I am so ready to get this adoption over with. I'm tired of being in limbo with it all the time. I'm tired of people asking when and I don't have an answer for them. The wait time will have at least tripled by the time we receive our referral.

On a positive note, Here are a couple of photos of the new CCAA building and some stacks of dossers. Our dossier is quite possibly in one of these stacks. Could it be on one of these desks? I doubt if it has hit the desk yet but I'm sure it's on one of those shelves.

Oh, how I wish I could take a peak into these rooms and those files. Perhaps move it up to the top of the stack. But I'm sure it would do no good and with my luck, I'd move it to the denied pile!

Monday, December 25, 2006

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family who read my blog. If you do read it, please leave a brief comment so I know you were here.

I hope your holiday is bright and you get all that you wish for. It's early in the morning and I will have to wait a few more hours before everyone is up and at 'em. The presents under the tree have doubled since Santa came and Matt's comment was that it looks like we're a family of 12! It's so pretty and full. The stockings are bursting at the seams and there are even gifts and cards left in the tree.

One of my morning daily rituals after brushing my teeth and showering is going into Chani's room and journaling to her. However, her door is closed this morning. What's up with that? Could it be that I'm not allowed to go in? Why is it closed? I will leave it alone for now and skip my journaling all in the name of Xmas.

The coffee is brewing and I think I'll get a cup to sip and enjoy these few quiet moments, just before the storm.

Merry, Merry Christmas to you all!!
Happy Channukah to Susan and her family!!
Welcome Home Eammon, Lisa and Maisie!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Xmas Eve Day

Okay, so I feel like I should be doing something but here I sit, just like every other day. I'm doing the laundry because I don't want to do it tomorrow and I also have a pie in the oven for tomorrow too. The excitement of the day is pretty much over. They delivered Matt's TV around noon and he was so surprised and excited. I told him he couldn't open it until tomorrow. Now, he's out in his workshop, sulking! Naw, he's out there trying to figure out a way to build a stand for the TV. I told him that Santa was coming early for him. He kept thinking that we were going to have visitors. HA! He had no clue and I think this was the perfect gift for him. He had to answer the door and saw the delivery truck first and just had the biggest, most surprised grin on his face. His response was priceless. I only wish I could have figured out a way to have given it to him tomorrow instead.

We do have our annual Chili dinner coming and our one gift coming tonight. I think we'll even pop in a Christmas movie and settle in to watch that for our last Xmas Eve before our little girl gets here.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I love Christmas time

I'm sitting here, the house is quiet and I have the tree lights on and it's spinning around. I watch the lights flicker and watch as each special ornament comes into view thinking about each of them. All the presents have arrived and are wrapped and under the tree, or hidden somewhere until that magical morning. It is so beautiful and I love just being here with it and my thoughts of Chani running down the steps full of surprise and wonder. I so wish that she would have been here this year. It hardly seems real anymore that it will happen. I'm doing the best that I can with the wait but it's hard. I suppose it's like anything else, when the timing is right, it will happen. I just want that time to be now!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Shad, my cat

Someone gave Shad to me about 14 years ago. He was one year old when I got him and has lived with me ever since. He has been with me longer than Matt, Bindi and most everything else. About two to three months ago, we were told he was beginning to have kidney failure. We attempted to put him on a special diet but he wouldn't eat it. We resorted to canned food and used that up until he stopped eating. The last couple of days he hasn't moved and lost all his muscles so he couldn't even stand anymore. He didn't seem to be in any pain but today we decided to call the vet and have him euthanized. I couldn't call and make the appointment so Matt had to do it. He scheduled it for 4:30 today. Within an hour of him making the call, Shad passed away. He died in my arms about 12:30 today. We buried him out near Dad's tree and called to cancel the appointment. Today is a sad day for me. This picture is one of my favorites of him.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Xmas Decorations for 2006

Outside deer, tree and sleigh. - We got these last year at a really great price.

This is Chani's first stocking. Of course I picked it up last year. I thought for sure she would be here. Since it's not dated, she'll have it for this year.

This is a treasure box that I picked up this year. Each year, I'm going to write on a small piece of paper a wish for the year. On the back, Matt is going to write her a wish too and then we'll give it to her on her 21st or so.

This is the banister on the landing going up. Each year my Grandma gives me a dated bulb. I have one from the year I moved out of the house. 1986 and up.

This is from up above, looking down on our fireplace.

This one says Our First Christmas together, 1997.

I stitched this one the year we got married, 2002.

This one is my stocking from when I was a little girl. My mom made it and we would use it EVERY year.

This one says Baby's First Christmas. Hopefully she will have been born this year and even though she's not here with me, this will still be her first.

This one says Our Christmas Together, 2006. I put it on the tree and wrapped the box for Anna. I left her a note in the box to go get the ornament afterwards and that I bought it for her. She has even made the comment that she likes that one without knowing it is actually for her.

This is the front banister going up to the second floor and through to the living room where we have the tree.

These are my snow globes. I got the Rudolph first and then the Panda last year while we were waiting for Chani. This year I got the snowman and Mick gave me the Santa. I can't wait to show Chani these.

This is my Bunco group. I hosted this month at my house. I had such a good time hosting. We had a gift exchange which was a lot of fun.

This is our 9 1/2 ft tree. Matt went and picked it out by himself, brought it home and started to assemble it for a surprise for me.

Matt started buying me Precious Moments several years ago. The ones in the circle represent the 12 days of Christmas. He has given me one for every year we have been together. This will be our tenth one.

Last year Matt gave me the 9th while we were waiting for Chani. As you can see, she is holding 9 ladybugs!! We thought for sure we'd get her this last year.

And last, is the Panda glass ornament. I also got it last year while waiting for our little girl. Will she EVER get here??? - I'm ready for her.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gotcha Day for Lisa and Eammon

Yesterday was gotcha day for Maisie. I just love this photo of the new happy family and the adorable little outfits that all the babies seem to be wearing. It has been a great joy for us to watch and read all about their travels. We can't wait for them to return so we can actually meet Maisie too.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Requested Photos of Holiday Potluck


What can I say, you all know how I love to shop!! Oh, and I stole a couple of your pictures too!!

Here are some photos of the latest potluck at James and Mick's.

Plus a couple others.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Isn't Christmas a wonderful time of the year? We wear ourselves out running to and fro and going shopping like madmen. I am almost done with all that hoopla and only a couple gifts left to find and a trip to the post office.

I cleaned, cooked and prepared to host Bunco this last Thursday night. We had a gift exchange which where we picked numbers out of a bowl and the first got to choose the gift. No. 2 then was able to take a gift or choose to unwrap a new one. We had a limit of a gift only being taken three times. I received an adorable nightlight that matches perfectly in my guest bath. The favorite gift of the night seemed to be the gift card from Starbucks! That was the only one that was taken and it went all three times. I also prepared little gifts for each player along with having xmas cards for each. I even had to scramble at the last minute to pop one in the pile because there was a sub that I wasn't aware would be there but it all worked out. Clara Mae also brought caramel corn bags for everyone. Although I didn't win at Bunco, I had so much fun.

Today we're off to our waiting families potluck. It's another xmas theme complete with gifts. I'm really looking forward to this one and seeing everyone. We're going to miss Lisa and Eammon though because they're in CHINA!!!

Sunday, Anna's friend Sarah and her mother are coming to lunch. I've been wanting to meet her (the mom) for awhile now. I'm going to prepare one of my Dream Dinners that I assembled the other day with Randi. I tried the first one Thursday night and wasn't too impressed with it so hopefully this one will be better.

Then, after that, we have a "Parting Pizza Party" to go to. Some of our dear friends are moving to Indianapolis. Burrrr! They have sold their house and found a new job up there. We're going to miss them but wish them well. We've decided to let Anna stay at home this time. I'm barring her from cooking anything while we're gone. I'm a bit nervous about leaving her.

After all these things this weekend, we are totally free until Christmas Eve. Matt is going to take some much needed time off and hopefully work on the closets. He did finish building my side but now he needs to stain it before installing it. I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What do YOU want for Christmas?

Okay, so Anna and I were in Michaels the other day, looking for some things for her school project and I just happened to ask her what she wanted for Christmas. She said she wanted some charcoal pencils that come in a large kit with many shades and white inkless pencils to use with the charcoal. I had such a laugh with this one and told her that she was the only person I knew who wanted coal for Christmas!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Misc things I've been wanting to blog

Nov 18th I went to Lisa's baby shower. Most of the ladies decked out in hats and gathered for lunch and gifts. It was a lot of fun. None of my pictures turned out but you can see some at Lisa's blog.

Next, we had an a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner but I forgot to take pictures. Mick set up her camera to take a great one of all of us.

*stolen from Mick.*

Our one year anniversary was yesterday. That's one anniversary that I didn't want to have happen. I just hope it doesn't repeat itself next year and we'll have a better one to celebrate.

Fingerprints - Today Matt received a letter from Homeland Security stating that they can't read his prints and are making him go back in to redo them. I hate it for him but am glad that it's him and not me.

Finally, tomorrow, we are headed HERE to see

Our friend Susan Tyrlic's daughter Sarah is performing as the littlest angel.

That about sums up everything for now.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So thrilled

Okay, who knew that I could be so thrilled for someone else. Lisa S just received her CA and she's dancing around the house. I'm so thrilled for her that I feel like dancing too. Happiness is so contageous! Congratulations again Lisa and Eammon!! I can't wait for you to go and come back again.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Game Night

Okay, I took out the photobucket because it was too big and not clear enough. You'll need to use your imagination on Doug's dumptruck.

What a great idea to have a game night. We all have these games that take more than two to play so we never can play them. We decided that we'd all get together and have a game night. Even though we played on a Sunday afternoon, we had a great time eating tacos, chicken wings, quesadillas, drinking margaritas and playing Cranium, We were all laughing so hard. Mick described it better than I could have in her blog. Mick's blog Check it out to see what fun we did have. I'll attempt to describe some of the pictures.

The first picture is the table, relatively quiet. Next comes Mick with her acting out skydiving for Anna to guess. Anna realizing what something is. A deviled egg was to be sculptured. How about that fabulous egg!!

Next comes Lisa and Doug who appear to be having tons of fun. Then me, working on a ping pong paddle, I think, and finally Matt, drawing a mermaid and something else with his eyes closed.

We had such a fun time. I can't wait to do it again! Thanks guys for coming and making this day great!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Black Friday

Okay so yesterday was the day to go shopping. A day that I refuse to go out and get shoved around with so many people. No bargain, in my opinion is worth all of that. Neither does Matt. He usually waits until Christmas Eve to go shopping or does all his ordering online. But this year was different. He told me he had to go shopping because he would be able to save a ton of money. I guess it was all the ads that he and James went through after dinner on Thursday. Either that or something in the turkey!

Anyway, he was up about 8:30 which is very early for him. He usually gets up around 11:00 or noon. I was a bit surprised to see him all showered and dressed so early. He had already clipped the coupons so with them in hand, off he goes, spending most of the day shopping. He said he actually had a lot of fun and the stores he went to (he refuses to tell me which ones) weren't packed and he didn't wait in line much at all. He stayed away from the mall and he even picked up some things for Anna. Another weird thing because he usually leaves all other gifts to me to purchase.

Meanwhile, Anna and I stay at home, bringing up tons of boxes of Christmas decorations from the basement and digging into them. She asks me if everyone is this crazy with decorating for the holidays of if it was just me??? Wellllll, I've been collecting things for many years and have a lot of things, all with stories behind them which mean a lot to me so I always put them out. Crazy? Could be, probably so, but I don't care. It's Christmas!!

Now today, Matt is staying home to put up outside lights and hopefully the tree. Anna and I are going to hit the stores for some shopping, at least a little bit.

Mick and James - Thank you very much for having us over for dinner. You guys outdid yourself with all the food. It was soooo good. I really enjoyed just sitting on the porch and talking with you Mick and we'll plan on it again next year with the girls! I also want to know what you put in that turkey to make Matt want to go shopping!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

One year ago today if you would have told me that Chani wouldn't be here with me, I would have told you, no way. Well, here I am again, going through the holidays without my little girl. Will she be with me next Thanksgiving? Who knows. I assume that she will be. I hope that she will be but then again, I said those same things last year. I guess I'll just stick with assuming that she'll be here next year.

I am thankful for several things. Matt being at the top of the list. Without him, none of this adoption stuff would be happening. He has been so laid back through all of this and goes with the flow. He's my very best friend and I love him with all my heart. My inner circle of friends comes next and you know who you are. Without them, I'd be a total wreck. My mom and Matt's parents are right up there too. They have given us so much support through all this wait too. And then, I'm thankful for all the usual things like health, life, and of course, Shad and Bindi.

Today we are going to have a feast with our dear friends Mick and James . We're really looking forward to having turkey and all the fixings with them today.